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Glider Truck Loans

What are the rates and monthly payments?

Glider Truck Loan uses risk-based pricing. This means we have the ability to approve virtually any business. Rates start at 4% APR for well qualified applicants and are adjusted depending on the risk of default which can be considerable.. Of course, most clients would like to estimate their rate prior to applying. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of business truck loans, it is not possible to estimate rates or payments without completing a credit application. It would be a disservice for any lender to tell you their lowest rate, when they have no idea if you can actually qualify for it. 

While the majority of the risk (and thus the interest rate) is determined by your company’s credit standing, numerous other factors affect your APR and payments. These factors include personal and business credit scores, prior payment history, depth of credit, amount of debt, age of credit, number of credit lines, type of equipment, industry, criminal record, child support, bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, judgements, length of time in business, revenue, profit, retained earnings, down payment amount, value of assets, and many others.

What kind of down payment is required?

Our truck loans may require down payments between no down payment and 40% down payment. The exact down payment required varies and is determined by numerous factors, including business credit, age of truck, Odometer reading, personal credit, time in business, depth of credit, revenue, profit, cash reserves, and many other factors.

What types of equipment do you finance?

Virtually any truck and trailer regardless of age and milage. There are unlimited types of commercial trucks out there, and we finance slmost all of them. It is extremely rare for us to reject any type of equipment or vehicle even if it is not related to trucking.

Does Glider Truck Loans finance used equipment?

Yes! In most cases, Glider Truck Loans is able to finance used equipment. Ask your Glider Truck Loan finance professional for more details.

How many years can I finance my truck for?

Term lengths tend to vary, depending on the program. The most common term Glider Truck Loans provides is five years. The longest loan term offered on trucks is seven years  30 years on commercial real estate loans. 

Can you finance start ups or pre-revenue companies?

Yes! We have several options for brand new companies, including pre-revenue companies. Glider Truck Loans can provide loans to companies the same day they are incorporated. 

Does Glider Truck Loans finance APU’s and other auxillary trucking equipment?

Glider Truck Loans provides many loans to purchase auxillary equipment and quite often approve them in under an hour without a down payment.

Does Glider Truck Loans finance companies that have credit issues?

Definitely! Glider Truck Loans knows most businesses experience a rough patch at one point or another and are sometimes not able to pay their bills on time. Glider Truck Loans loves to help businesses recover from tough situations. Many of our long-term clients started off with various situations that caused them to be turned down by several banks prior to us providing the financing they needed. Glider Truck Loans uses risk-based pricing, which allows at-risk businesses to get money when they need it most.

What documents are required for a loan application?

In some cases, the only document we require is a driver’s license but often need three months bank statements and tax returns. If you are not able to provide bank statements or tax returns, Glider Truck Loans can still help you obtain your loan. Talk to your loan officer about your unique situation. 

Can you finance a business with no credit history?

Yes! While not every loan is available to businesses with no credit, Glider Truck Loans provides several alternative financing options that allow for businesses and owners without a prior credit history.

Does Glider Truck Loans give personal loans?

Glider Truck Loans loan does not provide personal loans. However, there are some personal credit card options for which we may be able to help you get approved for through one of our affiliate banks.

How long has Glider Truck Loans been providing commercial funding?

Glider Truck Loans parent company GU Loans has been helping businesses grow and prosper by providing commercial funding solutions for over a decade.

Does Glider Truck Loans finance trucks for companies that are not trucking companies?

Absolutely. We finance trucks and equipment for almost any business.

Can I get financed if I owe back child support?

It depends. Child support in and of itself will not prevent you from obtaining financing. If you owe back child support, we may still be able to help, provided that the balance is small and there is a payment plan in place.  

Is Glider Truck Loans a lender or broker?

Glider Truck Loans is both a licensed lender and a licensed broker. This means that if we cannot help our clients directly, we can use our inter-banking relationships with over 300 financial institutions to seamlessly arrange financing for your company.

What types of loans does Glider Truck Loans provide?

We do them all! There are simply too many options to list. If it is business-related financing, chances are Glider Truck Loan can help you. Talk to your loan officer about your unique situation.

Does the financing provided by Glider Truck Loans qualify for section 179 tax breaks?

Some of the financing Glider Truck Loans provides qualifies for section 179 tax breaks. Towing loan does not provide tax advice and strongly recommends talking to your CPA about your particular situation. Your Towing Loan loan officer can then answer any questions you or your CPA may have, in order to help determine the best financing options for your company. 

Where is Glider Truck Loans located?

Glider Truck Loans is located in Michigan. Our address is: Glider Truck Loans C/O GU Loans, 100 Galleria Officentre, suite 420, Southfield, MI 48034.

What states does Glider Truck Loans service?

Glider Truck Loans provides financing in all 50 states and some parts of Canada. Due to local regulations, some financing products may not be available in all areas. 

How do I apply for a loan?

There are three main options. 1. Over the phone. 2. Online at www.GliderTruck.com 3. At the vendor from whom you are purchasing the equipment.

How long does it take to get approved?

Our approval times are extremely fast. The exact time depends on the type of loan you are trying to obtain. Some approvals are instant, while others may take a few hours.

Can I borrow money using my free-and-clear equipment or truck as collateral?

Yes, but not always. Please consult your Glider Truck Loans officer to see if your request qualifies.

Does Glider Truck Loans provide commercial real estate loans?

Yes! Glider Truck Loans will finance virtually any commercial property in the United States. Glider Truck Loan also provides financing for investor residential properties, such as rentals and fix-and-flips. However, Glider Truck Loans will not provide financing for any property in which the owner resides. 

Does Glider Truck Loans finance commercial equipment?

Yes! Glider Truck Loans can finance virtually any commercial equipment. Glider Truck Loans has hundreds of equipment financing programs to fit the needs of your business.

Does Glider Truck Loans lend money without collateral?

Yes! We have numerous loan products available that do not require collateral.

How can Glider Truck Loans give me money when my bank turned me down?

Banks tend to have complex guidelines that are designed to help only very strong, low-risk businesses. While Glider Truck Loans provides these types of loans as well – and typically at a rate lower than your local bank – we also have an extremely diverse portfolio of programs that are risk-based and individually tailored. This means we can almost always help you when your bank cannot.

What is the best type of loan for my company?

Glider Truck Loans has literally hundreds of programs. Each one is specifically designed to fit particular credit scenarios or equipment types. There is no one best loan option that works for every situation. You should, therefore, schedule a free consultation with one of our loan officers to find out which option is best for you.

Does Glider Truck Loans offer loans to nonprofit organizations or churches?

Yes! Glider Truck Loans offers several programs for both nonprofits and religious institutions.

Is Glider Truck Loans owned by my equipment vendor?

No! However, many vendors refer their clients to Glider Truck Loans, in order to provide their clients with easily obtainable financing, great rates, and the best customer service in the industry. So if your vendor referred you to Glider Truck Loans, there is a good reason for that!

Is Glider Truck Loans owned by my bank?

Glider Truck Loans is not owned by the bank that referred you to us. Many banks know they cannot help every client because of the highly restrictive guidelines under which banks are forced to operate. Sometimes the only way the loan officer or your bank can help you is by referring you to us. Glider Truck Loans is honored every time a competitor refers their client to us.

Does Glider Truck Loans provide emergency repair loans?

Yes, emergency cash financing can be wired into your checking account in as little as three hours from the time of the request. We typically require a completed application, drivers’ license and the businesses last three months banks statements.  If hte emergency loans is over $100,000 it may add a few additional hours to wire the funds into your  compaines bank account.  

Does Glider Truck Loans finance trucks with over a million miles?

Glider Truck Loans will finance high milage truck loans. 

Does Glider Truck Loans finace startup companies without a track record?

A high percentage of our truck loans are given out to new businesses.

Does Glider Truck Loans finace all types of long haul over the road trucks?

The majority of trucks built for interstate transit are able to be financed

Does Glider Truck Loans finace trucks for companies that the owners of the business do not have CDL licenses?

Definitely. If the company has a fleet size of less than four trucks, it may require a significantly higher down payment. 

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